The Wonders Of 3D printing

Keeping in tandem with all the technological advancements happening across the globe that are bringing in the most dynamic shift in the education paradigms ever witnessed in history, GIIS Chinchwad introduced the revolutionary 3D printing as a pioneering step to enhance student learning.


In today’s scenario, technology escalates to a greater level every single day. Keeping pace with the technological advancements across the globe, GIIS Chinchwad always strives to acquaint its students with the contemporary happenings around the world in the fields of science and art. 3D Printing is the latest technology which has taken the world by surprise and intrigue.

Novabeans, the Indian premiere 3D printing product and service provider is bringing high-end 3D printing art service in India with its global partner by making priceless art masterpieces, available to everyone in India and around the world using 3d printing sophisticated technology.

A workshop was held in the GIIS Campus where the team of Novabeans came to demonstrate the apparatus of 3D printing and 3 Doodler pen. In a workshop attended by parents, students, art enthusiasts and teachers, they gave a live demonstration of how the 3D printer works and recreates the designs made on paper.

Parents and students also tried their hands on the 3 doodler pen and created their own little masterpieces. The purpose of holding this workshop was to enhance the creativity and technical skills of materials, 3D concepts, model designing, computer aided designing, real world objects creation, machines, manufacturing, motor skills, prototyping and new technology adoption.

Principal Dr Amrita Vohra said, “I think this is a very interesting and fascinating technology and having a 3d printing lab in the school will definitely prove to be motivating for our students. We would be proud to see our children learning through this technology which will give wings to their imagination.”




One of my guilty pleasures has always been curling up with a good book. No matter how clichéd it sounds, a good book can transport into a more exciting and beautiful world, away from the problems that plague this one.

So today we bring to you some books that we think no one should miss out on.



A classic, and a personal favourite, this series might have been recommended to you multiple times, and if you are a seasoned bookworm then the chances are that it is already on your bookshelf. What’s more is that the Harry Potter experience never leaves you, because the books are simply a portal to what is possibly the largest fandom ever. With an ever-growing world of a new movie franchise just started, Harry Potter is sure to lure you in and make you keep coming back for more. Al


#2 THE JOHN GREENs (Yes, he’s an author, not a book)


Even though most of the books that this author has ever written might typically be YA, he provides a fresh perspective into this already thoroughly exploited genre whi

ch explains why his books often find themselves onto the Bestsellers list.Sometimes about self-discovery, sometimes about finding love and acceptance, they are always a tear-jerker, so don’t say we didn’t warn you, okay?



If you like hamsters, dams and pens that turn into swords, the Percy Jackson series is the one for you. It shall take you on a Thrill Ride O’ Love *wink* as you explore friendship, super cool powers and Greek mythology and never sinking ships (Percabeth). Don’t get the references? Maybe you will after reading these light-hearted, funny and surprisingly heartbreaking books.


Agatha has been considered, for a very long time, for her wit, intellect and creativity as she blows brains with her cleverly written books of thriller, crime and mysteries. With classics like The Murder On The Orient Express, Death on The Nile, her characters like Poirot will compel you to use your little grey cells and make you wonder why you didn’t start reading her before.




For veteran readers who have already explored our above recommendations, we present Dan Brown, a mastermind of writing. His books are beautifully structured and oddly informative. He weaves stories like no one else creating a handsome tapestry of adventure, thrill and mystery. Our personal favourite remains to be Deception Point. Watch out for his new book which comes soon, Origin as it promises to bring back our favourite character Robert Langdon.

Books have always been there, through which and thin and shall always be there, no matter what. So those were some of our recommended book series that you shouldn’t miss out on.


As our exams begin this Thursday, there is palpable stress in the GIIS air. It’s like Ragnarok itself was making an entrance. So it only seemed fitting to write something related to the dreaded weeks ahead.

Exams take a toll on everyone. To help you cope with pre-exam nerves, we have prepared some top tips. To begin with, don’t stress about exam stress. It’s absolutely normal to fret about exams. Exams are an important step in your life and you want to do your best. But keep in mind that you are not alone or ‘flaky’ or ‘weak’ for feeling this way.The key is to put your exams in perspective. They are one step in your life journey and your future is unlikely to be ‘wrecked’ by not doing as well as you might have hoped. Many people find other routes to their chosen career despite disappointing exam results. The process might take a little longer or be a bit harder but you can still get there. Do your best and see what happens.

Preparing for exams can make you feel like it is ‘you versus the world’. It might seem like you have no support and long hours studying can leave you feeling isolated and under pressure. Talking about how you are coping with exam preparation is really beneficial. Your friends are going through the same experienkeep-calm-it-s-just-an-exam-8ce. Instead of bottling up your emotions or feeling like you just need to get through it, share how you are feeling with a trusted friend. Remember that your parents and older siblings have been there before and came out the other side. You might be surprised how helpful and reassuring talking to them can be on issues like exam prep, coping with nerves and dealing with results (good or bad).

Stressing over exams can often lead us into negative behaviour, like cramming in as much revision as possible. Students can end up filling every waking hour (and a few when they should be sleeping) with past papers and course revision. None of that is healthy and can actually be counter-productive.

Performing well in your exams requires revision and preparation. But it also needs you to be in top form physically and mentally. That entails looking after your own wellbeing by sleeping well, eating healthily (not litres of Red Bull!) and exercising. Passing an exam is as much about how you slept, ate and exercised as how many hours revision you managed.

It is important to strike a balance between revision and having some fun. As a part of looking after yourself set time aside to do something you really enjoy and to chill out.It will be tempting to forget about studying however! As a result it is important to be disciplined enough to limit that time. Put together a study schedule that includes an hour of revision followed by a 20 minute break watching your favourite TV comedy or listening to relaxing music. Feeling refreshed, you can then return to your studying and smash a few more hours of revision.

At the end of a good day of study, organise sobart-exam-distractions-gifmething fun to do as a reward for your efforts. Catch up with a friend or go

play as a little ‘well done’ to yourself for another day of exam prep.

why should I get up in the morning just to study maths?

The main reason for studying mathematics to an advanced level is that it is interesting and enjoyable. People like its challenge, its clarity, and the fact that you know when you are right. The solution to a problem has an excitement and a satisfaction. You will find all these aspects in a university degree course.

You should also be aware of the wide importance of Mathematics, and the way in which it is advancing at a spectacular rate. Mathematics is about pattern and structure; it is about logical analysis, deduction, calculation within these patterns and structures. When patterns are found, often in widely different areas of science and technology, the mathematics of these patterns can be used to explain and control natural happenings and situations. Mathematics has a pervasive influence on our everyday lives and contributes to the wealth of the country.

people often ask why should I study maths, what is its importance? well….

The everyday use of arithmetic and the display of information by means of graphs, are an everyday commonplace. These are the elementary aspects of mathematics. Advanced mathematics is widely used, but often in an unseen and unadvertised way.

  • The mathematics of error-correcting codes is applied to CD players and to computers.
  • The stunning pictures of far away planets sent by Voyager II could not have had their crispness and quality without such mathematics.
  • Voyager’s journey to the planets could not have been calculated without the mathematics of differential equations.
  • Whenever it is said that advances are made with supercomputers, there has to be a mathematical theory which instructs the computer what is to be done, so allowing it to apply its capacity for speed and accuracy.
  • The development of computers was initiated in this country by mathematicians and logicians, who continue to make important contributions to the theory of computer science.
  • The next generation of software requires the latest methods from what is called category theory, a theory of mathematical structures which has given new perspectives on the foundations of mathematics and on logic.
  • The physical sciences (chemistry, physics, oceanography, astronomy) require mathematics for the development of their theories.
  • In ecology, mathematics is used when studying the laws of population change.
  • Statistics provides the theory and methodology for the analysis of wide varieties of data.
  • Statistics is also essential in medicine, for analysing data on the causes of illness and on the utility of new drugs. .
  • Travel by aeroplane would not be possible without the mathematics of airflow and of control systems.
  • Body scanners are the expression of subtle mathematics, discovered in the 19th century, which makes it possible to construct an image of the inside of an object from information on a number of single X-ray views of it. Thus mathematics is often involved in matters of life and death.